Lead Work and Roofing in Kent recent projects.

Below is a selection of recent roofing and lead work we have done.

Clock Tower – Folkestone, Kent
The lead bays on the Tower roof had been leaking and had rotted the floor boards. The old lead at the front of the roof was removed and the substrate taken up and replaced.

The front bays were then replaced with new code 6 lead sheet to comply with LSA guidelines. The upper bays were repaired and re- dressed where necessary to complete the renewal to the lower bays.

Dormer Top – Tonbridge, Kent
The dormer roof on this roofing project in Tonbridge was in need of repair/replacement as it was under threat from high winds.

Code 5 lead was used in the replacement of the roof with a continuous clip around to prevent future wind damage.

Porch Extension – Canterbury, Kent
This particular client wanted a lead pitched roof on their new porch extension in Canterbury. Code 5 lead was used with a geotextile underlay.

To finish the lead work was coated with patination oil to protect it from staining.

The client was very pleased with the quality and appearance.